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NC resolves to consolidate party organization


Jun 22, 2018

Hetauda, June 22 (RSS): The national gathering of the district presidents of Nepali Congress held here has resolved to consolidate the party and move ahead in a united manner.
The four-day long gathering issued the Hetauda manifesto and expressed confidence that the party statute would be amended by the mahasamiti meeting to be held coming August.
As per the decision of the central committee meeting, the party would plan necessary programmes and initiate the national awareness campaign. The party leadership was suggested to mark this year as the orientation year.
Similarly, the gathering requested the leadership to compulsorily hold the assembly of district presidents every two year, promote coexistence and cooperation within the party and ask all layers of the party to abide by the statute.
The district presidents accused the government of violating citizen’s rights to property, terrorizing civil servants, giving speech affecting the activities of judiciary and depriving trade unions of their rights.
The party is to boost its presence in the federal, provincial and local levels.
The NC is committed to safeguarding democratic republic, federalism, press freedom, independent judiciary, trade union rights and rights of the people pursuing various occupations, the gathering concluded.
The gathering also pointed that the incumbent government became hostile to people by suppressing peaceful demonstrations of students to protest price hike of petroleum products.
The meeting also demanded that the government should continue public welfare programmes initiated by the erstwhile NC-led government like old age allowance to people above 65, Rs 5,000 being provided each to patients with chronic diseases like spinal injuries and kidney problem as allowance, and additional Rs 100,000 to the victims of earthquake in relief each family.
The gathering has concluded that the government’s programme and policy was against the federal norms and constitution as the central government trampled the rights of local and provisional governments. The programme and policies were discriminatory as the multi-years programmes were also discontinued in the budget, the assembly stated.

The gathering has further warned of protest if activities guided by ideological interests were not stopped. The NC district presidents have further said that the attacks on and arrest of NC cadres were on rise and it should be stopped soon.

The meeting has also said that the government was moving ahead forgetting the past agreements including the returning of the lands seized by then rebellions.
On the occasion, NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba noted that there was no alternate of forging consensus to revive the party into previous position.

Similarly, senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel opined for calling a mahasamiti meeting to amend the party statute in line with the constitution. “It is the demand and spirit of the district party presidents”, Poudel added.

NC Kavrepalanchok President Madhu Acharya had read out the Hetauda declaration on the behalf of district party presidents.

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