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kathmandu, Nepal

Saudi envoy Abuhaimed inaugurates Visa Services Centre “Tasheer” in Kathmandu

ByAbdus Saboor

Jan 13, 2024

Kathmandu- On Friday, January 12, 2024, the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Nepal, Mr. Saad bin Nasser Abu Haimed, inaugurated the headquarter of the Visa Services Centre “Tasheer” of the Saudi Company for Visa and Travel Solutions. The ceremony witnessed the presence of the guest of honour, Director General of the Consular Services Department in ministry of foreign affairs Mr. Prakash Mani Paudel, head of the consular section at the Saudi Embassy, Mr. Mansour Al-Mansour, supervisor of the visa services centre at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nayef Al-Qahtani, and the company representative Mr. Mahmoud Sheikh.

Ambassador Abu Haimed and DG Paudel visited the whole centre, looked at the workflow and listened to an explanation of detailed information on all services provided by the centre to those seeking entry visas to the Saudi Arabia.

The Ambassador Abu Haimed expressed in a statement that the centre will provide services in modern ways and aims to ensure that the procedures are efficient and quickly completed to facilitate the process of bringing in skilled manpower, as well as finalizing the procedures and requirements for obtaining entry visas, whether for the purpose of visits of various kinds or for the purpose of working to the Kingdom during 24 hours, which reflects the extent of the development of government electronic services, and it comes within the framework of the facilities that the leadership in the Saudi Arabia is keen to ensure that visiting the Saudi Arabia is easy and convenient, noting that these procedures carried out by the Visa Centre do not affect the local procedures for the Nepalese expatriate’s travel to the Kingdom, so that Those wishing to travel to the Kingdom for the purpose of visiting can apply themselves to the centre, while for work visas, recruitment offices submit the visa documents to the embassy, in addition to a biometric fingerprint procedure by the Nepalese worker, which he can apply for directly at the visa centre, whether he is in Kathmandu or from outside Kathmandu, which Its fees do not exceed 4.5 US dollars. DG Mr. Paudel expressed his gratitude for being invited to the ceremony, and expressed his belief that strengthening cooperation between the governments of the two countries will increase in various fields, especially with regard to external employment. He also expressed confidence that the visa centre will facilitate visa and travel procedures for Nepalis who wish to work or visit Saudi Arabia.

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