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Awareness programme on Population census 2021 organized by the Muslim Commission

3 July Krishnanagar A public awareness program on the upcoming census has been organized by the Muslim Commission at Ayesha Girls College, Jhandanagar, Ward No. 3, Krishnanagar Municipality, Kapilvastu. Member of the Muslim Commission Hon'ble Mohammaduddin Ali presided over the function as the chief guest. Member of the Muslim more →

COVID-19 threatens the very survival of restaurants

By: NUSHRAT JAHAN The restaurant industry is one of the industries worst hit by Covid-19 across the globe. According to Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN), there are 3,300 registered restaurants in the country. “The industry directly employs more than 60,000 people, the majority of whom have been rendered jobless more →

Oli must go, but what’s the alternative?

After weeks of anger and frustration, a group of young people took to the streets of Baluwatar to demand accountability from this government. The COVID-19 response from this government has been dismal: testing rates are low, RDTs reign over PCR tests, quarantines are poorly managed – hotbeds for disease-- more →


As we all know that the whole world is affected with this pandemic disease corona virus (covid 19). Our country Nepal is also fighting with this pandemic. In past also we had fought with different crisis like this. Now also we will fight with this pandemic. I’m writing this more →

The Perspective of Islam on GMOs

By: Khalid Akram Al Rajhi Medical College Qassim, KSA   GMOs stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. To fulfill the human’s need, scientists use modern biotechnology techniques such as genetic engineering to modify and improve plants, animals, and microorganisms for increasing their productivity. In genetic engineering, scientists select DNA from more →

Science in compliance with the Holy Qur’an

Today we are living in a scientific world. Anything said should have a proof.InthispaperI’m going to discuss the latest research of science and how are they incompliance with the saying of Allah(theal-knowing)in the holy Qur’an.FirstlyIwiltalkaboutwhatthescientist cametoknowaboutuniversein21stcenturyisalreadymentionedinQur’an1440yearsago. ThenwewilseewhatscientistdiscoveredaboutHumanbodyrecentlyandwhatdoesAlah sayaboutthis.Afterthatwearewildiscussaboutwhatliesinbetweentheskyandthe Earth,whatscientistbelieveandwhatQur’ansays.Lastly,Iwouldliketodiscussthemost recentdiscoveryofspaceandtheQuranicverseregardingit.   Beginning,withmyfirsttopic,itwasin1929,ascientistnamedHubblenoticedwith powerfultelescopethatlightcomingfromgalaxiesaregetingapartfromeachother.After   studyingtheredshift,hestatedthatuniverseisexpanding.Hesaid,“Thefartheraway galaxiesare,thefastertheyaremovingfromEarth.”1 WhereasinQur’anitisstatedthat, “AnditisHeWhohaveconstructedtheheavenwithmight.Andverily,itisWeWhoare steadilyexpandingit.”2 ItisclearlystatedinQur’ more →

Government is in right track-Minister Aryal

Bhaktapur, Sept 23  Minster for Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padma Kumari Aryal said the government was delivering its performances in a required pace. Minster Aryal said this in her address to a two-day provincial workshop 'Cooperatives for Prosperity of Province and Local Levels' organized by the National more →

Nobody is above the Constitution: Former Speaker

Ilam, Sept 22  Former Speaker Subas Chandra Nembang has said that nobody is above the Constitution. Speaking at a programme here on Saturday, Nembang made it clear that the present government would not carry out any act against the Constitution. The Nepali people no longer have to fight for more →

Museum exploring BP’s thoughts in Biratnagar

Kathmandu, June 13   ,,  The BP Museum Committee on Thursday has embarked on a journey from Sundarijal, Kathmandu to Biratnagar-based historical Koirala Niwas in search for BP's thoughts and ideals. The second round journey has been set to unleash BP's political thoughts and ideals so as to strengthen democratic more →

US envoy Teplitz: People-to-people links are at the heart of our ties with Nepal

Alaina B Teplitz is the United States’ Ambassador to Nepal since 2015. Teplitz is also a well-known figure among the Nepali Twitterati. In the two years that she has been in Nepal, she has not only travelled the length and breadth of the country but also observed local festivals more →

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