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kathmandu, Nepal


ByAbdus Saboor

May 8, 2020

As we all know that the whole world is affected with this pandemic disease corona virus (covid 19). Our country Nepal is also fighting with this pandemic. In past also we had fought with different crisis like this. Now also we will fight with this pandemic.

I’m writing this to inform you all that how could I or a normal citizen could help to fight in this situation. As many districts in terai region has an open border with India. Many people would have came from India in this lockdown, I could help in tracing them and keeping them in quarantine or isolation if infected. I could help in distribution of medical equipment’s like mask, sanitizer, hand wash, etc. As I’m a student of biotechnology, I’m aware about the symptoms, causes and effects of the disease, I could make people aware about this disease by conducting different door to door awareness programs. I could contribute in distribution of relief goods to the people of my locality. As there are a lot of poor people who get their food on their daily basis of work and in this situation of lockdown they are not able to go out and earn money which makes them very difficult to survive. We could search those types of people and could provide them essential goods and foods. Also, there are many people and students from other districts living in rent in our sub metropolitan city, are not getting food materials provided by government I could suggest the local government make some extra package for them too.

I could provide suggestions to local government to make lockdown more effective by giving different ideas like when to open the groceries shops and how to manage who are coming out of their homes for buying goods, also how to manage medical shops and health clinics. I could help people by delivering goods to their home as if they would come out for buying goods it would affect the lockdown.

As a Muslim citizen and Ramadan is also going on in which people would gather in mosques or other different places, I could make them aware about the virus and could suggest to them to stay at home and also perform their prayer at home. As, few cases has been seen in people staying at the mosque in Udaypur district. Therefore, Muslim Commission (Ayoug) Nepal has made committees at every district to reach out every mosque to help people who are stuck at the mosque and check the virus in them. So, I could also help this committee to reach out the mosques of our area. And this could be very effective in controlling the spread of virus.

Every citizen can work and can contribute to fight against this situation at their respective place. I also want to say that one should not seek for the big platform for doing the good works. He/she should be satisfied at what he/she has got and should work for the benefit of the country and country people.

Amaan Aftab Farooqui

Biotechnology Student

Kathmandu University

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