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kathmandu, Nepal

Saudi Fund for Development follows up on its development projects in Nepal

ByAbdus Saboor

Feb 9, 2023

Kathmandu- A delegation from the Saudi Fund for Development visited Nepal with the aim of following up on the development projects and programs funded by the Saudi Fund for Development in Nepal. The visit included a field tour of the reconstruction program of homes, health and educational facilities in post-earthquake affected areas in Nepal which are funded by the Saudi Fund for Development for a value of 30 million US dollars. The project includes the reconstruction of schools and residences and health facilities. The number of schools are twenty five among different regions. The number of houses that have been reconstructed are about 6,667 among fourteen regions. The number of health facilities reconstructed have reached thirteen in four different regions.

The supportive role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for development projects through the Saudi fund for Development has contributed to the development of basic infrastructures as well as aims to promote social and economic growth in Nepal, as it assumes the project is of great importance to the lives of many beneficiaries.

During the visit, the delegation from the Saudi Fund for Development met with the officials from the Ministry of Finance to discuss issues related to the functioning of development projects funded by it in Nepal and to review the challenges occurring in their implementation and find sustainable solutions in addition to following up on the current stages of implementation and to formulate future plans for improved implementation.

It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi Fund for Development, provided  to Nepal seven soft development loans to finance five development projects and programs with a value exceeding 150.5 million US dollars which aimed to contribute in supporting the sectors such as infrastructure, energy, agriculture and water supply in order to help achieve the sustainable development goals in Nepal at large.

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