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Darchula exports 30-kg Yarsa this year


Jun 29, 2018

Darchula, June 29 (RSS): Over 30 kgs Yarsagumba have been so far exported from Darchula district this year.
Information Officer at Apinampa Conservation Area Office, Pemba Sherpa shared that the Office had permitted to extract 30 kgs Yarsa and so was the quantity exported to different countries from the district.
He further informed that revenue Rs 750,000 (Rs 25,000 per kg) was generated from the extraction of highly-valuable medicinal fungus.
The Yarsa picked in Darchula is generally exported to the countries including China, India, Hong Kong, United States and Singapore.
Annually a huge catche of Yarsa is picked from high hill areas of two mountainous districts of Province-7, Darchula and Bajhang.

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