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Country will be unsuccessful if federalism fails


Jun 17, 2018

Parsa, June 17 (RSS): Chief Minister of Province no 2, Lalbabu Pandit, has blamed that the budget unveiled by the Federal government was indifferent towards implementation of federalism.
Addressing an interaction organised by Avenues Television at Birgunj on Sunday, Chief Minister Raut claimed that the federal government has created an environment which could invite dispute among the provinces by allocating unequal amount of budget for them.
The Federal government should focus its activities towards making the nation strong and prosperous as making federalism a success was the responsibility of all and the country would fail if the federalism becomes unsuccessful.
He further said that the Central government should allocate more budget for the infrastructure development in the province no 2 as the province is in the second last in the human development index as compared to other provinces.
Claiming that the country could not be developed until province no 2 gets development and prosperity, Chief Minister Raut urged the federal government to be serious towards infrastructure development of province no 2.

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