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Urlabari people plan safe family in disaster


Jun 18, 2018

Urlabari, Morang, June 18 (RSS): The locals from Mechedangi of Urlabari-1 in Morang district, who are displaced by the floods every year, are now planning disaster preparedness and family safety.
They have begun safe family plan with disaster preparedness, rescue training in the wake of the floods from the Bakraha, Nunsari and Miklu rivers and subsequent erosion of their settlements.
In addition to the floods and inundation, the village is afflicted with the snakes, storms, lightning, fire, and the damages of crops by elephants.
In order to cope up such adversity, the people have been receiving training and formulating plans at local levels.
They are benefitted by the programmes organized by Plan Nepal International and Forward Nepal. The training and awareness programmes have been effective to this regard, said programme coordinator Dev Prakash Chaudhary, informing that the locals facing floods and other adversity every year were provided training and orientation, so that they have learnt how to remain safe during the disaster.
Similarly, a local Dev Narayan Gautam said, “The programmes have made us aware to reduce the disaster risks.”

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