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Socialism certain, PM says


Jun 28, 2018

Kathmandu, June 28 (RSS): Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has reiterated his commitment to preparing a basis for socialism coupled with economic prosperity.
At a seminar on ‘Base of Socialism in Nepal’ and Madan Bhandari National Prize distribution programme in the capital city on Thursday, the PM said that the Nepalis have given the responsibility with the belief that only communist movement can ensure economic prosperity. “We shall shoulder the responsibility,” the PM added.
PM Oli was of the view that development of renewed international relations, national unity, social justice, good governance and prosperity was the need of the time and vowed to implement it.
Oli added that no one can prevent establishment of socialism in the country and the ‘commitments made before the people would be fulfilled gradually’.
The PM said that the current government of the CPN is being misinterpreted by some political forces and brushed aside the allegation of totalitarianism.
Oli said that the relations with the neighbouring countries was developed based on equality and mutual interests in the recent times and the external interference and impact has ended.
Likewise, PM Oli said that the national could advance on the track of development in a short period of time and the CPN has taken leadership with a clear perspective.
On a separate context, the PM said that the social security allowance could not be increased for the next fiscal year due to empty state coffers and promised to increase social security allowance and other facilities from the next budget.

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