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Sanitary napkin vending machine doing wonders in Bajhang

August 29, 2019

Bajhang, Aug 2  A sanitary napkin vending machine has been installed in a local Bannichaur Secondary School at Chhabisapathivera rural municipality in the district in a bid to facilitate girls taking classes during menstruation. The initiative has been taken by the municipality, which is also launching a campaign against Chhaupadi, a tradition forcing women out of home during period. Girls during menstruation can take and use sanitary napkins by pressing a button on the machine. The vending machine is doing wonders. “Gone are those days when girls missed classes during their period. I being a woman can understand problems facing girls during menstruation. So I initiated the installation of the vending machine,” said vice chairperson of the municipality Radhika Joshi. The school has distributed cards to 50 girl students to use the machine. The installation cost and some portion of the cost of sanitary pads will be borne by the municipality. The school will also set a minimum charge for sanitary napkins pulled from the machine, said the school headmaster Lokendra Singh. Besides, the school has also organised a training session to manufacture sanitary napkins.

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