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The population of Nepal reaches 29.91 million

January 27, 2022
The population of Nepal

Kathmandu: The Central Statistics Office has made public the preliminary details of the 12th National Census 2020 conducted last December. Accordingly, new data the population of Nepal is 29.91 million.

In this number, the number of females is 1,49,1,169 and the number of males is 1,42,91,311.

According to the department, the population has increased by 2.7 million in the last 10 years. The department has mentioned that the population growth rate has decreased compared to the National Census 2009 AD.
This time the growth rate is 0.93 percent. According to the department, the number of Nepalese living abroad is 2.169 million.

According to the last census, the population of Nepal was 26.4 million.

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