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Dolphin festival from August 14


Sep 5, 2019

Ghodaghodi, Sept 5 A festival is being organised in Kailali with the objective of creating awareness for the protection of Dolphins. The festival is being hosted by the Kailali Hotel Entrepreneurs Association in Tikarpur from August 14 to 16. Dolphins are found in the Kandra, Patharaiya, Kanda and Mohan rivers in the south-east of Kailali. They are usually seen when the water level is high during the monsoon. The three-day festival is being organised under the theme ‘Protection and preservation of Dolphins for Tourism Development’ and is expected to help preserve the rare Dolphins, said President of the Association Narendra Shahi. River rafting in Karnali to see Dolphins and presentation of various local culture, costume and food delicacies are the major attraction of the festival.

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