Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

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Science in compliance with the Holy Qur’an

Today we are living in a scientific world. Anything said should have a proof.InthispaperI’m going to discuss the latest research of science and how are they incompliance with the saying of Allah(theal-knowing)in the holy Qur’an.FirstlyIwiltalkaboutwhatthescientist cametoknowaboutuniversein21stcenturyisalreadymentionedinQur’an1440yearsago. ThenwewilseewhatscientistdiscoveredaboutHumanbodyrecentlyandwhatdoesAlah sayaboutthis.Afterthatwearewildiscussaboutwhatliesinbetweentheskyandthe Earth,whatscientistbelieveandwhatQur’ansays.Lastly,Iwouldliketodiscussthemost recentdiscoveryofspaceandtheQuranicverseregardingit.   Beginning,withmyfirsttopic,itwasin1929,ascientistnamedHubblenoticedwith powerfultelescopethatlightcomingfromgalaxiesaregetingapartfromeachother.After   studyingtheredshift,hestatedthatuniverseisexpanding.Hesaid,“Thefartheraway galaxiesare,thefastertheyaremovingfromEarth.”1 WhereasinQur’anitisstatedthat, “AnditisHeWhohaveconstructedtheheavenwithmight.Andverily,itisWeWhoare steadilyexpandingit.”2 ItisclearlystatedinQur’ more →

Monsoon to last a week more

Kathmandu, Sept 23  Monsoon will take a week more to exit this year. Although the monsoon normally lasts up to September 23, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Meteorological Forecasting Division said the trend of monsoon activities becoming more active is increasing. Meteorologist Samir Shrestha said, "The wind should more →

Nepali delegation off to New York to take part in UN Climate Action Summit

Kathmandu, Sept 20  Minister for Forest and Environment Shakti Bahadur Basnet left here last night for the United States of America, leading a Nepali delegation to the United Nations Climate Action Summit. The Summit is kicking off on September 23 (Monday) at the UN Headquarters, New York. The Minister more →

48 foreign guests attending Indra Jatra

Kathmandu, Sept 12  A total of 48 foreign guests including five mayors of various cities of some foreign countries are arriving today in Kathmandu to attend ongoing Indra Jatra festival. This is the first time that Kathmandu Metropolitan City has invited foreign guests. The foreign guests attending the festival more →

Both Muslim, Hindu observing Muharram festival in Rupandehi

Kapilvastu, Sept 10  : While the Muslims across the country are observing the Muharram festival, the Hindus in Rupandehi district are also celebrating this festival with equal importance. The festival that falls on the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar commemorates the martyrdom of the more →

Monsoon active again with possibility of heavy rain

Kathmandu, Sept 6  Monsoon has become active with the location of the monsoon low pressure system remaining around its normal sphere. The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology's Meteorological Forecasting Division stated that the low pressure system has developed in the proximity of Odisha and West Bengal of India, prompting more →

Finance Minister Khatiwada warns of strong action against revenue fraudsters

Kathmandu, Aug 30  The government has warned of action against anyone evading the revenue. Addressing a programme entitled "Existing Opportunities and Challenges of Nepal's Economy", organized by Nepal Chamber of Commerce here today, Finance Minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada reiterated that the government would take action against those people more →

NPU urges government to ensure safe environment for journalists

Kathmandu, Jan 16  ,,   Nepal Press Union (NPU) has said its serious attention has been drawn to the B&C Hospital Birtamod, Jhapa director Durga Prasain’s threatening and slandering, over phone, NPU Ilam district president and Kantipur national daily reporter Biplav Bhattarai and other journalists in the district. A press more →

US envoy Teplitz: People-to-people links are at the heart of our ties with Nepal

Alaina B Teplitz is the United States’ Ambassador to Nepal since 2015. Teplitz is also a well-known figure among the Nepali Twitterati. In the two years that she has been in Nepal, she has not only travelled the length and breadth of the country but also observed local festivals more →

EVs in Nepal: It’s time to move beyond tax incentives, says former Minister Thapa

Nepali Congress’ Gagan Thapa is one of the first politicians in Nepal to advocate for phasing out fossil fuel-based cars in the country. Last year, he registered a proposal in Parliament to phase out fossil-fuelled vehicles by 2027. Thapa, who is now a member of the opposition, plans to more →

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