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Province 2 for 50 percent reservation for women in Nepal Police


Jun 16, 2018

Parsa, June 16 (RSS): Eid-Ul-Fitre, the greatest festival of the Muslim community, was celebrated with much fanfare in Parsa, a district in Province 2. The Muslim people gathered at local mosques and Eid-gah (open-air enclosures) to observe the festival. On the occasion, they read Namaj and extended the best wishes (Eid Mubarak).

Province 2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut also reached the Eid-gah based in Jaganathpur Rural Municipality to observe the festival. On the occasion, he wished for peace, happiness and good health of all Nepali Muslim sisters and brothers at home and abroad.
Meanwhile, talking to RSS, the Chief Minister wished the festival inspired all Nepalis to contribute to building a prosperous Nepal through the means of social-economic development along with durable peace by promoting mutual goodwill, tolerance, harmony and sisterhood and brotherhood.
He hoped that the campaign ‘Send Girls to School, Save the Girls’ would be successful. The local government in the province has allocated budget for the campaign, he added.
According to him, the campaign was getting a huge public support spontaneously and the province government was to ensure 50-percent reservation for women in the forthcoming Police Act to make the campaign further effective. Likewise, the reservation was in offing to secure high posts for educated women in the province.

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