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‘Protest against medical college establishment inapt’


Jul 4, 2018

Kathmandu, July 4 (RSS): CPN leader Bhim Acharya has said it was inapt to launch struggle demanding ban on the establishment of medical colleges for 10 years when thousands of Nepali students are going abroad for medical education.
At a face-to-face programme at the Reporters’ Club today, he added that billions of Nepali currency is flowing to foreign countries with thousands of students going abroad for medical education.
The medical colleges after meeting the government-stipulated criteria should be allowed for operation but the government has also not assumed to give nod for the establishment of medical colleges sans quality.
He noted that a probe commission should be constituted to address the demands of Ganga Maya and Dr Govinda KC and dispense justice to them.
Nepali Congress leader Ramesh Lekhak said that the country is not being governed in line with the constitution and law since the incumbent government is in berth.
“Closure of media programme simply for questioning a minister by journalist and government’s move to squeeze the public space has weakened democratic norms and values of democracy”, he noted.
The former minister called for the government to end anomalies surfaced in the health sector and demanded the government addresses the demands of Govinda KC who has been on a hunger strike in Jumla.

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