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People with HIV/AIDS in Ropla no more in hide


Jul 1, 2018

Rolpa, July 1 (RSS): Many people living with HIV/AIDS in various places across Rolpa districts lately have begun to go public about their HIV status.
Thanks to the awareness drive and counseling conducted by the local governmental and non-governmental agencies about this disease, those keeping their infection in dark fearing the social stigma are gradually bringing their HIV positive status to light.
There are altogether 49 such people recorded in the district, according to Rolpa Plus. Among them, 15 are currently outside of the district due to their professional responsibility, while among the remaining ones in the district, 20 are female while 14 are male.
“Every year, around two or three new HIV infected people are recorded for some years,” shared Radha BK. President of the Red Plus, a local agency offering treatment against HIV/AIDS. Last winter alone, three new HIV patients came in contact with it.
President BK said that of those HIV patients in the district, 32 are availing treatment and other services offered by Red Plus while two are not willing to receiving any treatment fearing the social shame.
According to BK, 14 people in the district were recorded losing their lives to HIV infection. Three children have contracted HIV infection from their parents while 31 are affected with it. Various social organizations have been assisting HIV/AIDS children in their education.

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