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Now way to prosperity: CM Rai


Jul 1, 2018

Itahari, July 1 (RSS): Chief Minister of Province no. 1 Sherdhan Rai has said that as the Nepali people have waged political revolutions with huge sacrifices, the time now was for economic prosperity.
Speaking at a function organised to mark the 11th anniversary of Avenues Television here on Saturday, he said the government is introducing new policy, budget and programmes to guide the Nepali people to the path of prosperity. “We are however alert to the fact that doubts exist on the effectiveness of the projects,” he said.
The provincial government will review the budget policy of the province to address any unmet expectations of the people in the budget.
Economist Prof PK Jha said it the identification of the issues and honest implementation of the clear policies that helped developed countries to achieve big progress is small time.
Avenues Television Chair Bhaskarraj Karnikar said his company had introduced provincial transmission centres in three provinces this year, and would be gradually expanding it to other provinces.

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