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kathmandu, Nepal

MPs demand arrest of ‘big fish’ in gold scam


Jun 25, 2018

Kathmandu, June 25 , Deliberations on the budget headings of the ministries of energy, water resources and irrigation, foreign affairs and home affairs has been completed under the discussion on the Appropriation Bill, 2075 at the meeting of the House of Representatives today.
Some MPs taking part in the discussion drew the attention of the Home Ministry towards arresting the main culprits in the 33 kg gold scam and to pay attention to the problems of the families of the martyrs and disappeared.
They also called for construction of roads in Dolpa, irrigation and embankment in Kanchanpur and completing ending ‘syndicate’ in the transport sector. Mps Ram Bahadur Bista, Sarala Kumari Yadav, Nar Bahadur Dhami, Padma Giri, Krishna Prasad Dahal, Rajendra Lingden, Man Kumari GC and Durga Kumari Biswakarma took part in the deliberations.

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