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kathmandu, Nepal

CAAN to book airlines companies for violating parking agreement


Jun 25, 2018

Kathmandu, June 25 , The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has stepped up to take action against the private airlines companies for not abiding by the planes’ parking agreement.
The CAAN has increased its promptness to book the private airlines companies after they were centered mostly in Kathmandu even though they had promised to be based other airports.
The CAAN has sent a communiqué to airlines companies warning of action if they fail to meet the preconditions July 1 onwards.
Deputy Director General of CAAN Rajan Pokharel said that the companies would be penalized if they did not follow the conditions as stated in the flights service operation certificate. Most of the airlines companies have committed to be based in airports out of Kathmandu and operate flights from there. However, they have not kept up their commitment and the parking has become a tough task at Tribhuvan International Airport due to lack of sufficient space but increased number of planes.
Currently, 30 planes can be parked in the domestic while only six planes can be parked towards the international runway.
As per the new rules, Buddha Air should park its planes at Biratnagar Airport while Shree Airlines should park at Nepalgunj Airport.
The CAAN said that the companies refusing to comply with the new rules would have to face the flights cancellation.
The private airlines companies have also made their commitment to implement the rules enforced by the CAAN adding that the new regulations was put in practice based on the condition of the airports, parking capacity and status of landing and takeoff.
Manager of Yeti Airlines Bhimraj Rai said that his company has taken permission to park all its eight planes in Kathmandu. “Some planes can be parked out of Kathmandu for facilitation and there is no problem in it,” Rai added.
Likewise, Marketing Director of Buddha Air Rupesh Joshi said that company’s planes were based in Kathmandu adding that the management would be made accordingly as per the standards of the AOC in case of planes were added in the days to come.

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