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Number of narcotic drug users up in Mahottari


Jul 20, 2018

Bardibas, July 20 (RSS): The number of narcotic drug users has been rising in the district over the years.
The District Police Office, Mahottari shared this information launching its report for the fiscal year 2017/18.
As per the statistics, 45 cases related to drug abuse and trafficking were registered in the previous fiscal year 2017/18. Similarly, drug abuse cases registered in the fiscal year 2016/17 and fiscal year 2015/16 were 25 and 17 respectively.
The highest number of cases was registered from Bardibas municipality area in the fiscal year 2017/18, police said. As many as 14 cases were registered from this area last year. This area witnessed the highest number of registered drug abuse cases in the preceding two years as well.
According to police, Bardibas area is considered very sensitive in terms of drug abuse and it is found that those dealing in narcotics and its trafficking have made Bardibas as their focus area. The police report also showed that illegal drugs as cannabis and marijuana are smuggled from Makawanpur and other banned drugs from the Indian border towns Kanhama and Bhittamod.
Youths between 15 to 30 years of age are found involved in the highest number in drug trafficking and abuse. Thirty five out of the 45 people arrested on drug-related cases in the district last year belonged to this age group.
Police confiscated 29 kilogrammes of cannabis, 1520 units of Nitravet tablets, 90 units of Dizepam, 297 units of Spasmo and 10 units of Brofinorfin in the last fiscal year.

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