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Nepal’s peace process will be internationalised: Foreign Minister


Jul 9, 2018

Kathmandu, July 9 (RSS):Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, has said the Nepal’s peace process is highly successful on the contemporary global scene and Nepal has realised the need of its internationalisation.
In his replies, to issues raised by the National Assembly members during the deliberations on the Appropriation Bill- 2075, in a meeting of the NA today, the Foreign Affairs Minister described the Nepal’s constitution as highly progressive in views of inclusion and social justice. He spoke of the need of branding such achievements.
According to the foreign minister, Nepal has adopted the independent foreign policy which has been clearly mentioned in the constitution. Tourism, promotion of country’s foreign trade, employment management and investment promotion are the four areas of priorities of the government while dealing with its foreign policies. As he said, promotion of trade is the major responsibility of Nepal’s diplomatic missions abroad. The Institute of Foreign Affairs is being taken ahead as a research and training center and recent 14 agreements reached between Nepal and China are capable of further consolidating the bilateral ties, contributing to Nepal’s efforts at achieving national prosperity.
He added that works had been initiated to address the issues of inundation in the Tarai being based on a study report towards that end.
The government has come up with a clear policy regarding the appointment of ambassador and onward appointment will take place on the basis of personal image and expertise, as the minister said.

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