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Police Inspector falls unconscious, dies in course of treatment

November 6, 2019

Jumla, Nov 6  Police Inspector Abhisek Thapa, who suddenly fell unconscious this morning died later in course of treatment in hospital. Thapa worked at the Armed Police Force (APF)’s Number 33 Battalion Tripura Jumla since one year. He was taken to the Karnali Academy of Medical Science Teaching Hospital after he fell unconscious. Thapa was alright until Tuesday evening, had his dinner and went to bed after finishing his regular duty, APF Number 33 Battalion Tripura Jumla’s Superintendent, Sarat Neupane, said. He said doctors presume Inspector Thapa died due to a cardiac arrest. According to Neupane, Thapa’s family would be informed of his death and arrangements made to take his body to his home for the last rites. Thapa is from Narayan Municipality-8, Dailekh district.

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