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Manmohan Technical University Bill passed

September 23, 2019

Biratnagar, Sept 23  A meeting of the State Assembly today passed the ‘Bill Designed to Make Provisions for the Manmohan Technical University, 2076 BS’, by a majority. State 1 government minister for social development, Jeevan Ghimire had presented a proposal in the Assembly seeking its passage. Although the Assembly members from the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, encircled the rostrum shouting slogans in protest against the bill, the Minister presented the proposal seeking passage of the bill. It is hoped that endorsement of the bill by the State Assembly will pave the way for establishing the University which would in turn help produce the human resources required by the State as it would be producing the basic, secondary and high level skilled human resources. The main opposition party had been protesting the bill ever since it was tabled in the Assembly. It was send to the thematic committee after holding discussions with experts, Assembly members, ministers and legal experts to further enrich the bill. Social Development Committee president Sarita Thapa said every effort has been made to make the bill consolidated and all the sound suggestions have been accepted.

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