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Let us abide by the constitution as per its vision: Gandaki State Chief

September 20, 2019

Kaski, Sept 20  Gandaki State Chief, Baburam Kunwar has stressed on the need of abiding by the constitution by means of constitutional vision, attitude and actions. Addressing the Constitution Day Celebration Ceremony organized by the State Government marking the Constitution Day here today, he said no constitution could be the best or worst in itself and what made the constitution best or worst was its implementation. So implementation of the constitution is crucial, he reiterated. Stating that the constitution could protect the people only if it was protected, he said, “The state moves towards failure if the people undermined the rule of law and the nation might also be dissolved if anarchy set in. It is in no one’s interest to undermine the rule of law.” Chief Minister of the State Government, Prithvi Subba Gurung said the critics of the constitution should also see its strong points as well. Stating the constitution has stipulated that the people are the source of state power, he said for the first time in the history of the country has it been mentioned in the constitution that the people are sovereign and also the source of state power. Speaker of the State Legislature, Netra Nath Adhikari underlined the need of implementing the constitution in its letter and spirit, highlighting its main characteristics. He said the constitution has established the identity and rights of the people of all classes, ethnic communities, regions and gender and also ensured the fundamental rights and the right to equality. Judge at the High Court Pokhara, Yagya Prasad Basyal said all the three level governments – federal, provincial and local – should be committed to the implementation of the Civil Code. State Government Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Hari Bahadur Chuman, welcoming the participants in the ceremony, said the Constitution and National Day was the most important Day in the history of Nepal and called upon all to make it successful. A morning procession was organized before the main ceremony. The procession passed through Rastra Bank Chok, Ratna Chok, Srijana Chok, Sabha Griha Chok and joined the main ceremony at the Pokhara Shabha Griha. The Chief Minister, ministers, civil servants, personnel of all the three security agencies, representatives of social organizations, students, sportspersons, various ethnic groups and journalists participated in the procession.

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