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In Syria’s Idlib: Iran backed terrorist group exhume shrine of Muslim caliph Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz

Iran - backed militias blamed for exhuming shrine of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz(great-grandson of Umar bin Khattab R.A)

May 30, 2020

Carekhabar/Farhan Noor
A video has published by an Iranian-backed shia terrorist group on social media, where Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz is buried. The footage shows that appears to be the emptied graves of calipa Umar(R.H) and his wife Fatima.

In January, When pro-Assad forces and Iranian backed shia terrorist group took the area, the graves were burnt and desecrated from outside. By Tuesday 26th may 2020, it appears the bodies has been exhumed .

Recently Ayatollah Khomeini said, “It is the obligation of every Muslim to dig up the graves of Abu Bakr and Umar and exhume what remains of their corpses“.

Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz is commonly known as Umar II, He is highly respected in the Muslim world as a ruler who enforce justice throughout his short reign of two years and five months in 8th century.

His grave has been reportedly exhumed by pro-Assad militias.

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