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Artificial pond attracting wild animals

July 21, 2019

Kanchanpur, July 21  ,,  Two artificial ponds have been created in Singhapur community forest in Krishnapur municipality. The ponds were created to facilitate drinking water for the protected wildlife in the forest. One of the ponds is within the community forest area while the second one lies in the outer region. A total of Rs. 850,000 was investment under the community forest and Laljhadi Mohana protection programme to construct the two ponds. The community forest users group contributed voluntary labour worth Rs. 300,000 for construction of the ponds, according to treasurer of the group Baburam Chaudhary. The natural ponds inside the forest area dried up due to lack of conservation and hence the wild animals had been forced to change their habitat. “As a result, sighting a wild animal had become rare,” Chaudhary said. However, with the construction of the two ponds and regular availability of water, wild life has returned back to the community forest area. Deer, wild board, peacock, leopard etc are now easily traced nowadays, said the group chair Jogaram Chaudhary. To help visitors observe the wildlife without any disturbance, two view towards have also been constructed. One 41 feet and another 24 feet high towers have been constructed. Chaudhary shared plans of developing the community forest into a touristic area. We also plan to develop this as a model community forest of the region, he added. Following the enforcement of scientific forest management, the community forest has been making an annual income of Rs. 15 million. The community forest established in 2056 spreads over an area of 204 hectares. There 314 users committee conserving and benefitting from the community forest. –

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