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Man accused of carrying meat attacked with hammer in India’s Haryana

Gurgaon: Cow vigilantes mercilessly thrash 25 yr old Lukman with hammer As cop watch

August 1, 2020

carekhabar/Farhan Noor

At around 9 am on July 29, near from Gurgaon’s glistening towers that house the offices of multinational software companies, a group of cow vigilantes chasing a pick-up/truck for nearly 8 km.

The driver Lukman, was pulled out from pick-up and brutally aggression on the wondering cow meat transporting.

The mob thrashed the man in front of the police and public, who stood as mute spectators show the video , demonstrating the horrific collapse of law near the country’s capital. The owner of the vehicles said that the meat was Buffalo and he has been in the business for 50 years

The police were faster at sending the meat to a lab for testing than catching any one of the suspects. One of assailants – Pradeep Yadav has been arrested. The video of the incident recorded by witnesses shows the faces of the assailants.             Gurgaon’s Additional Commissioner of Police Pritpal Singh said on Saturday, “We have identified more people”

The video shows, the Lukman with head bleeding, pleading the mob to let him go as the crowd continues to beat him, later in the another video a man is seen towards Lukman with a hammer and bashing him.

Lukman was later taken to a local hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment.

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