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Infrastructure development gains pace for tourism promotion

June 26, 2019

Tourism related infrastructure development has taken pace in different areas of the district for the protection and promotion of touristic religious sites. Mahesh Kumai, chief, Division Forest Office, Jajarkot, shared that construction of infrastructure such as trekking route and tourism road has been initiated in the district this year. He further informed that the construction of 2,500-metre long trekking route has completed at Wadalekh-Jhyakure Takura in Bheri municipality-1 under the tourism promotion programme in the community forest area. The trekking route was constructed at the cost of Rs 825,000. Likewise, the Shivalaya-Suyada tourism road based in Shivalaya rural municipality-7 has witnessed 70 percent completion of its construction. The tourism road having an estimated cost of Rs 5 million has the length of five kilometer and breadth six metres. The construction of four-km Palseni-Balyatara-Fera tourism road in Bheri municipality-10 also has progressed. It has an estimated cost of Rs 2 million. Fifty percent of the construction works of the road have been almost completed. Among other tourism structures on progress are five-km Tankachaur-Archhani-Nadhidab in Kushe rural municipality-4, Khurpa, Samaila, Hanisalla-Barekot tourism road, Aulgurta, Khetma, Byurupa, Syuna-Mutkechula tourism road and renovation of historical palace at Jagatipur in Bheri municipality.

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