Friday, 4 December, 2020

Doctors would be made available at district hospitals within one year: Chief Minister Rai

November 5, 2019

Biratnagar, Nov 5  State 1 government Chief Minister, Sherdhan Rai has said arrangements would be made within this year alone for placement of doctors at the district hospitals of all the districts in State 1. Inaugurating the State-level annual review seminar of the health related programmes implemented in the State today, he said the process has been forwarded for appointing doctors on contract basis for making the health services easily available to the people. The seminar is organized by the State 1 government Ministry of Social Development and the Directorate of Health Services, Dhankuta. Chief Minister Rai also shared on the occasion that the State government has kept public health in first priority for fulfilling the goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. He directed the bodies concerned to collect statistics regarding the modern technology required by the government health institutions. The Chief Minister reiterated that the physical infrastructures, modern equipment, skilled human resources and affordable medicine would be made available at all the government health institutions. State government minister for social development Jeevan Ghimire said the tendency of government doctors to work in private clinics would be discouraged and those doctors found doing so would be punished. He further said that the private health institutions not providing even the minimum of facilities and services would be closed. Member of the State 1 Planning Commission, Meena Bhandari said special attention has been given to health in the State’s First Five-year Plan. Health Directorate Dhankuta’s chief Chandra Dev Mehta had presented a report on the overall status of health in the State 1

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